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God's higher purpose
God reveals Himself
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Human nature

Who Is This Jesus by Michael Green.  An examination of the life of Christ.

Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis - An classic examination in reason of the foundations of Christian theology

The Life Application Bible - A treat to read because of its many footnotes on culture, history, theology and application to life today.



... to a place where rationalism and theism meet.

Have you ever gone on a journey to another place and brought back photos so others can see where you've been?  Wouldn't it be great if people who have had spiritual experiences could just bring back some pictures from their journey to show God to everyone else?  It seems like such a ridiculous idea, yet it would make it so much easier for others to understand and to believe, wouldn't it?

I had little upbringing in the church.  I thought God and religion to be little more than myths carried forward by the simple and weak from a time when man did not understand the universe around him.  I've always loved science and reason, and still do, but then had an experience that I could explain by neither. One day I found myself so aware of God's presence, truth and love, that I either had to believe or find another answer. No rituals, no denominations, no church, no religion as I knew it. Just me alone with a Bible, reading the words of Jesus Christ, surrounded by events that even as a rationalist I couldn't attribute to being "natural" or "coincidence."

I searched and studied for months to make sense of all that I "knew" about evolution, mankind and life, and found more truth in his words than in any scientific facts or theories. I found insights into life and truths about myself that I had never before seen. Through this, something changed deep inside of me, leading me to grow in ways I had never imagined. My understandings of God and life itself were turned upside down.

Looking back, I know that what happened to me is real, but I also know that I probably wouldn't have believed it unless I had experienced it myself. I've often wondered how I could ever share the insights and experiences of this journey in a way that might make sense to others. So just as people come back from their journeys with a scrapbook of photos and stories, this site is my attempt to do just that, to share my snapshots of God.

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